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Zoekertje - How much does a butt plug cost?

25/09/20 - emmaburkhartn760 - emma
Butt plug price depends on many factors. There are expensive and cheap options, but which one to choose? How much does it cost to buy a cork so that it is comfortable, safe and lasts for many years? What details should you pay attention to in order not to regret the purchase?<br /> <br /> What determines the price of the butt plug<br /> The cost of sex toys is a parameter that many pay attention to. And it is very different. The cost of anal plugs varies from 400 to 15,000 rubles. So what exactly affects it, how is the value formed? There are several important parameters:<br /> Material. Plugs are made from a wide variety of materials. Form, flexibility depends on it. And it is the coating that affects the cost.<br /> Brand. Sex toys from well-known companies are more popular. A well-known brand guarantees safety, compliance with the description and high-quality filling of the device. And then there are guarantees from the manufacturer.<br /> Functions. The presence of vibration, remote control significantly changes the price. The more possibilities, the higher the item is worth. But on the other hand, she also delivers many times more emotions.<br /> Packaging. Stylish and interesting, suitable for a gift. There are models in unique boxes, in which the device can then be stored permanently. You have to pay extra for such a case.<br /> Country of Origin. American and European models do not just produce goods, they conduct a lot of clinical research to find optimal shapes, correct curves. Their toys are more expensive and Chinese ones. The absence of customs duties, the cost of translating instructions also has a positive effect on the price tag.<br /> We have thousands of anal plugs for every taste. All products are of high quality and safe. Use filters to select something for a specific price. They allow you to find cheap and expensive models in every category.<br /> Functions of butt plugs affecting prices<br /> Sophisticated sex toys are machines that entire laboratories develop. They pay great attention not only to the form, but also to batteries, motors, modes of operation and control. The more complex the "filling", the higher the cost. But at the same time, multifunctional devices allow you to experience more pleasant experiences. What parameters are associated with the price?<br /> Charging. Rechargeable models are more convenient than battery-powered ones. They do not require the purchase of consumables. At the same time, they work from 30 minutes to 48 hours without interruption. Rechargeable plugs into USB or wall outlet. It is for the opportunity not to spend more money, not to worry about additional batteries, you have to pay more. But user experience shows that it is impossible to save on replaceable batteries.<br /> Vibration or massage. The presence of internal motors in the butt plug also increases the price. And if there are two or even three of them, then you need to wait for the corresponding price tag. But on the other hand, vibrations allow you to feel the penetration in a completely new way. And the more modes, the better. The stimulation can be felt as much as possible in the tip of the model or in the leg.<br /> Control method. Remote control is the most convenient. To change the mode, you do not need to reach for the toy, just switch the speed on the remote control. There are remote controls with a cord, there are models with a remote start. The most modern solutions are smartphone apps that connect to a sex toy. In them you can not only choose a suitable speed, but also create dozens of your own special movements. But the development of such complex technologies is costly, and this affects the final cost of the product.<br /> Waterproof. The case, which is not afraid of moisture, is easy to clean. It can also be used in the shower or in the bathroom. There are models that can be submerged under water, there are those that are not afraid of splashes, but there are those that need to be washed carefully, the liquid can spoil them. The more convenient, the more significant the price.<br /> Waterproof anal plugs operated from a smartphone are the most valuable models. And the demand for them is growing, as they are comfortable, often designed to be worn and used in any place. And the number of functions is huge, they can even vibrate to the beat of the music.<br /> How the price of an anal plug depends on the material<br /> Conventionally, all sex toy materials can be divided into 4 categories. And this affects their flexibility, appearance and price. When choosing, it is important to know what the selected sleeve is made of. This information will help you figure out how long the device will last.<br /> Metal and glass. The most durable materials. Products made from them are rigid, not flexible at all. The surface is smooth and pleasant to the touch. Products are not afraid of water, easy to clean. And they are difficult to spoil, they can even be applied with water-based lubricants. They serve for at least 5 years, and sometimes for decades. Borosilicate glass is very difficult to break. These devices are manually checked for quality, so they are safe. The price is average, but considering the service life, it is a very good buy.<br /> Silicone. This coating is made of medical silicone; bushings are not made entirely of this material, since it is expensive to manufacture. This is an artificial compound that does not cause allergies. It can be safely in the body for 8 hours straight, which is why many wearing plugs are coated with this compound. Gentle to the touch, not cold. The price is significant, higher than that of models made of other materials, but the safest one.<br /> TPR, TPE. Rubber based materials. Plugs are flexible and resilient, and any shape is possible. The colors are both bright and matte. Sometimes even transparent products are created. The price is low and average, it is convenient to use. <a href="https://sextoys4us.co.uk/collections/anal-toys-butt-plugs">butt plugs</a> They may not have a bright aroma, but over time it disappears. A very common option, suitable for connoisseurs of simple devices. You can keep in the body for up to 6 hours in a row.<br /> PVC. Created on the basis of plastic with the addition of a softener. They are very diverse not only in shape and color, but also in touch. There are hard and soft, velvety and smooth, pliable and elastic. You can give any configuration, while the cost of the material is not high. Many sex toys are cheap or mid-priced.<br /> All presented formulations are safe for humans. Modern bushings do not contain components that can harm your health. But silicone products are more expensive than plastic ones. And timeless metal objects are more valuable than rubber options.<br /> Anal plug packaging<br /> The butt plug is a device that is 5 to 14 cm long. Such a thing fits easily in the palms of your hands. But it is sold in completely different packages.<br /> Plastic. Product in transparent plastic packaging. There are no additional accessories included. Minimalistic design. It is available to everyone. And here it is not the design that is more important, but the toy itself.<br /> Cardboard box. It looks sleeker, inside there are instructions for use, a charger (if needed), sometimes a storage bag made of soft material. The box can be hard or soft.<br /> Gift wrap. A second package may be hidden under the outer box. The inner box is often designed to hold the device. Sometimes you can even find velvety options, which looks very cool. Usually, it is not required to additionally somehow decorate such a present, it looks perfect, suitable for any holidays. But there is an overpayment for such a presentation, it is immediately included in the price.<br /> Premium toys for adults are ideal items for those who are not ready to skimp on pleasure. Everything in them is thought out to the smallest detail: from form and function to external presentation. These are the best things that select brands release. The difference in price is 2-3 times from other models.<br /> How much does a cheap butt plug cost<br /> A cheap butt plug in 2019 costs from 500 to 1500 rubles. These are vibration free models. In this case, there are a variety of shapes and sizes.<br /> For beginners. With a diameter of 1 to 3 cm. The introduction is easy, no special preparation is required. You can often find the designation of the size with the letter S or M. Available, different colors.<br /> For advanced users. Size from 2.5 to 4.5 cm at the widest part. Different in rigidity and shape. Often there is a relief on the surface for additional massage. Suitable for those who love a feeling of fullness and expansion.<br /> Bushing kits. For those who are just getting used to playing with anus, it is better to buy a set. These are 2-3 products of different diameters. You can gradually increase the possibilities, get used to large sizes. The set is 20-50% cheaper than buying separately included items.<br /> How much does an expensive butt plug cost<br /> Expensive anal plugs are produced by well-known companies. Excellent models from We-Vibe, Fun Factory, Doc Johnson, Lelo, Mystim are trusted. They serve for a long time, do not change shape even with very frequent use.<br /> <br /> Expensive plugs without vibration cost from 3000 rubles. They are distinguished by excellent quality, special relief. They never smell, they just clean.<br /> <br /> Models with unique features start at 10,000 rubles. Remote control, a smartphone application, several motors - all this is costly to manufacture. But it is worth trying such a thing, it is much more pleasant to use than cheap options.<br /> Anal Ponytail Price<br /> The anal tail is a fur-lined anal plug. The tail can be short or long, fluffy or smooth. In this case, the immersion part is also made of different materials. The cost depends on the type of tail. Natural fur is the most expensive. Such products start from 3 thousand rubles, the maximum bar has not been determined, since the fur can be very different.<br /> <br /> Faux fur is cheaper and easier to care for. It sheds less when washed. But after 2-3 years of service, the appearance deteriorates.<br /> Anal crystal price<br /> A plug with a shiny stone at the base is a wonderful decoration for the body. And he stimulates the anus, prepares it for further caresses. The base is usually metal, glass or silicone coated. These sex toys last for many years, they are difficult to break, almost impossible to break.<br /> <br /> The price of anal jewelry depends on the manufacturer. If the base is an ordinary cut glass, then its cost starts from 1000 rubles. But if the base is a Swarovski crystal, then you will have to pay several times more. But the shine will be seriously different. And people love expensive gifts much more.<br /> <br /> Questions about butt plug prices<br /> Why are anal plugs on Chinese sites several times cheaper?<br /> Cheap products can be made from low-quality materials. It is almost impossible to check what is in the composition. Quality control, certification is costly for companies, but it ensures safety. Many things with Aliexpress do not have the required documents. Application can cause negative consequences.<br /> <br /> But it is important to understand that there are Chinese companies that are responsible for their quality. But they also offer their products not at the lowest price, it is comparable to products from Europe and Russia.<br /> Is there a guarantee for expensive anal bushings?<br /> All vibration products are covered by the manufacturer's warranty. Its duration depends on the company, for example, California Exotic Novelties give a guarantee from 90 to 180 days for their products. And We-Vibe from 1 year. In the event of a breakdown, the sex toy is replaced with a new one, but this is only with proper use.<br /> Good quality Russian butt plugs?<br /> Yes, in Russia today there are several companies that make great sex toys. At the same time, they do not have to pay for delivery from another country, spend money on customs duties. This makes them very attractive in value. Of course, not all things are based on new technologies. But if you need a regular silicone cork, you should take a closer look at domestic options.

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